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Zhouzhuang, famed as the southern beauty of China, is a nice water town surrounded by four major rivers. There are many bridges as well including Yong'an and Shide, the most famous Double Bridge that had attracted many artists to draw paintings since the old days. Sitting on a boat operated by the locals, one may slowly travel along the quiet water town and enjoy the scene of the ancient houses on banks of the narrow rivers passing by.

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Zhouzhuang has a history of over 900 years with most of the houses constructed during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The unique feature of this little town is that all the buildings are well designed according to the location while in simple colors of white and gray, which created a harmonious combination of the layout through the numerous waterways. The town also boasts its rich cultural resources and the style of tea drinking. The local people use the ancient tea sets, boil water in pottery or earthen jars, and make the bamboo or woods as fuel, while the tea is washed before it is poured with boiling water. By such way, it is believed that the tea is beautiful in color and is fragrant and tasteful.

In addition, Zhouzhuang is famous for its products of Bamboo wares and bronze braziers. The durable bamboo-ware is well known for the unique workmanship, while the exquisite bronze braziers of many shapes once had won a prize in the South Pacific Industrial Expo and gained the reputation of "Zhouzhuang Braziers". Zhouzhuang is now one of the most popular tourist programs for those who love to seek the ancient treasures.

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