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The Yangtze River crosses the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal at Zhenjiang, a central Jiangsu city known for its rich cultural legacy and picturesque landscape. Major attractions: Jinshan Hill, Beigushan Hill, and Song-and-Yuan Ancient Street. The Jinshan Monastery, dating back to the East Jin, is a famed ancient temple in China. Longchang Temple, built more than 1,500 years ago in Baohuashan Scenic Zone, is a famous Taoist domain.
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The central Jiangsu city of Yangzhou, situated at the juncture of the angtze River and the Grand Canal, has made a name for itself with a wealth of sites of historical interest and elegant gardens. These include the Lean West Lake (actually a natural waterway feeding mountain runoffs into the Grand Canal), Geyuan Garden (whose forte is artificial rockwork), and Lesser Pangu Garden. During their repeated visits to Yangzhou, emperors Kangxi and Qianlong left a succession of historical sites on the land of Yangzhou. This has prompted local travel agencies to invent the "Emperor Qianlong Cruise", which transports visitors to a string of local attractions. Shugand Scenic Zone and Cruise on the Ancient Grand Canal are yet another two popular tourist programs. Other places worth seeing: Tianning Temple Museum, Daming Temple, Monk Jianzhen Memorial Hall, and Memorial Hall of Eight Yangzhou Eccentrics.

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