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Zhengzhou, located in the center of China, covering area of 7400 square km with a population of 5.6 million, is the capital city of Henan Province. It is also the important industrial city and the biggest railway transportation hinge of China.
Zhengzhou is in the transition terrain between Yellow Sea and Huaihai plain area with a history of 3500 years. It has a monsoon climate in the warm temperate zone, with an average annual temperature of 14.3 degree centigrade and an average annual rainfall of 640mm.

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The city abounds in mineral resources, including coal and cement rock. Major industries are textile, machinery, tobacco, non-ferrous metal metallurgy, chemical, building materials, food and coal. Among them, textile industry and aluminum metallurgy industry are the most important centers of China's industry. In agriculture, there are wheat, corn, cotton and tobacco.
About 100 km from Zhengzhou, Mt. Song is one of the five famous Mountains in ancient China. The world-renowned Shaolin Temple is located in the Song Mountain. There are still many Buddhist disciples living in this temple, which attracts visitors from all over the world each year. The main tourist sites include the Provincial Museum, the Ruins of Shang City, Yellow River at Mt. Yueshan and Zhongyue Temple.

Yellow River Scenic Area

Yellow River Scenic Area is located in the eastern section of Mt. Yueshan, 27 kilometers to the northwest of city of Zhengzhou. The area is 4.5 kilometers long with its eastern end at the Yellow River Bridge and western in the ruins of the ancient battlefield of King Liubang and King Xiangyu. The distance from north to south is 6 kilometers with the southern end at Kuhe River and northern end in the south bank of Yellow River. This area is 101 meters above the sea level while its peaks such as Wulong Peak (Five Dragon Peak) are all 190 meters above sea level. Yellow River Scenic Area covers an area of 27 square kilometers with Mt. Yueshan and Mt. Guangwushan at its center. In early 1970s, aiming to solve the problem of water supply and irrigation, a water project was launched by the government and was completed two years later. After that, another seven years was spent in building a scenic area to protect and beautify the environment of the Yellow River.


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