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The Grand Canal runs across Wuxi, a city in south Jiangsu Procvince bordered by Lake Taihu to the south and Suzhou to the east, and 128 km from Shanghai. Wuxi is also a major industrial city south of the Yangtze, a "land of fish and rice", and a famous tourist city. The 2,000-square-km Lake Taihu, one of the five major freshwater lakes in China, spans both Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. As its surface gradually encroaches upon downtown Wuxi, the lake becomes as photogenic as a "natural painting". All manner of pleasure boats bring visitors on tours of discovery to such sights as Triple Isles and Turtle-Head Islet, which is actually a peninsular with the best view of the lake.
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Wuxi is also known for its classical gardens, and most popular of these are Jichangyuan in Xihui Park and Liyuan by Lake Taihu. Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong had visited Jichangyuan repeatedly and heaped praises on it in calligraphic inscriptions. Liyuan Garden, situated on the northern shore of the Lihu Lake (an arm of Lake Taihu) in southwest Wuxi, stands out for its gracious mountains and glistening water surface. New, high-class tourist attractions include Wu Culture Park and Space City. Taihu Film and Television City, a location center for China central Television, consists of a series of gigantic scenic zones such as City of Three Warring States, Tand City, Water Margin City, and European City. Half way up the Lesser Lingshan Mountain in Mashan District stands an 88-metre bronze statue of Sakyamuni, consecrated in 1997 as the largest likeness of the Buddha in China. There is no lack of scenes and sights to see in the three cities under the jurisdiction of Wuxi--Jiangyin, Yixing and Xishan. Jiangyin is known for its Yangtze River Bridge Scenic Zone and Huaxi, a village with a from rags-to-riches story. Yixing, where the famous purple pottery ware are made, is the world-famous Capital of Chinese pottery industry.

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