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Weifang has a long history as an ancient city in Shandong province and possesses numerous cultural and natural scenes worth of study and visit. Pale ontological fossils in Linqu and dinosaur fossils in Zhucheng can be rated as world wonders. While the new-year woodcut painting of Yangjiabu is one of the three most famous arts in China. Weifang has been enjoying a high reputation as the world museum of kites. The annual Weifang International Kite Festival in April has attracted thousands of kite lovers and players from home and over 50 foreign countries demonstrating their special characteristics of folk cultures.

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Situated in the middle of Shandong Peninsular, Weifang enjoys a pleasant climate with four distinct seasons and an annual rainfall averaged at 700 mm. It has 4 districts, 6 county level cities and counties under its jurisdiction with an area of l 5,800 square km and has a total population of 8 million. Since the implementation of reform and opening policy, Weifang has made great progress in economic development and social undertakings. The city's comprehensive economy is enhanced steadily and the standard of living has been raised remarkably.

The Qingdao - Jinan railway, expressway and highway from east to west passing Weifang have all been completed and form a swift transportation networks linking the whole province. The newly built Airport and Harbor have also been put into operation recently, thus make it easier for people to come on business or traveling.

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